| Jujitsu
Equivalent to modern day street fighting, with technique. Learn modern weapons, retention systems, joint manipulations, pressure points, throwing techniques, take downs, holds, armbars, chokes, escapes, falling methods, sparring, and kumite. It builds self-esteem, respect for others, humility, discipline, courage, concentration, endurance, control of power, tension, and speed.  
| Judo
Judo (柔道 jūdō, meaning "gentle way") was created as a physical, mental and moral pedagogy in Japan, in 1882, by Jigoro Kano (嘉納治五郎). It is generally categorized as a modern martial art which later evolved into a combat and Olympic sport. Its most prominent feature is its competitive element, where the objective is to either throw or takedown an opponent to the ground, immobilize or otherwise subdue an opponent with a pin, or force an opponent to submit with a joint lock or a choke.

|Our Story.

Brothers Shihan Butch Veader and Sensei Mike Veader started martial arts training in 1960, under Shihan Siguards Orgrins. Shihan Orgrins was President of New England Jujitsu, Judo Associations (N.E.J.J.A.), and also founder and owner of Seigneury Jujitsu/Judo School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Shihan Butch and Sensei Mike moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 1987 and opened Seigneury Jujitsu/Judo School on Belair Road. Training at Seigneury has been very successful; having produced National and International champions in AJA Jujitsu, and Judo.

The kids Judo program has produced 26 Maryland State Champions. Seigneury is the number one American Jujitsu Association Club in the Mid-Atlantic, holding the most titles in the past decade. We're also the only school in the Mid-Altlantic to have trained Special Forces Green Berets, Military Police at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, NSA personnel, and local Police. 

|Our Instructors.

Experienced, professional instructors offer you the ultimate training experience.

​Jujitsu Director:
Shihan Butch Veader, 6th degree black belt

Jujitsu Instructors:
Sensei Mike Veader, 5th degree black belt
Sensei Courtney Green
Sensei Nate Roles

Judo Director:
Sensei Mike Veader, 5th degree black belt

Judo Instructors:
Sensei Aaron Lorin
Sensei Eric Morphet

| Personal Training & MMA

We offer one-on-one and/or group specialized training, great for special events training, tournament preparation, method demonstration, and advancement training for early-response personnel (ask about our special offers).


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